About us

The «Meeting place-Montreal» newspaper is a large format publication in Russian, which is published weekly (first appearing in April 1998) and reaches almost all Russian-speaking communities in Montreal (representing more than 80,000 people).

The newspaper’s graphics and content are presented in a highly professional manner; as a result, the publication has gained great respect throughout the Russian community. The articles are diverse and offer news of interest to all members of the community, including topics such as:

Cultural and political life in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada;
Events and activities in Russia;
News from around the world;
Events in the Montreal Russian community;
Articles about interesting Russian and North-American people;
Timely reminders of cultural events in Montreal;
Scenic locations of interest;
Geographic and historic information about Canada and Quebec.

Our newspaper also contains valuable information for newcomers to Canada, which helps their integration into the Montreal life. Some of this material, provided by lawyers, examines different facets of life in Canada.

Advertisement for existing businesses commands the attention of the readers, and helps guiding them in their purchases and day-to-day affairs. New businesses also benefit from being able to advertise their presence to the Russian community.

The paper generates a high level of confidence and trust from its readership due to its accurate and informative articles as well as its professional working ethic. This also encourages business organizations to advertise in the newspaper. Positive feedback from the advertisers suggests that their ads are effective and generate new clientele and therefore profit for them.

We hope that the information summarized above can benefit and encourage potential advertisers and new entrepreneurs to come out on the big Russian market.

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